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We are working behind the scenes... bring you a new Amelia! Coming very soon, we have a new site to enjoy, with content creation, design, branding, the shop, and also complete with a regular blogging schedule with more in-depth content ranging from home, travel, food, and art. 

Interior design by Erin Austen Abbott, as seen in Sage Living, featured on


Check back very soon... 


The Final Living Room Gallery Show - Opening February 3rd, 2018

The Amelia brick and mortar is closing on March 10th, while the online store will still be going strong... See the last blog post to read more about that. 

Starting February 3rd, join us for our last art show, with Memphis artist Lo-Fi and British artist, Sam Hennig, in his very first US show. Opening reception on February 3rd, from 2 - 7pm.

In the shop, there will be lots of great deals then too, as well as fun grab bags that we will be giving away with purchase, to the first 20 people, on February 3rd, from 11am - 7pm. 

I hope to see you in the Valley! 

***Visit the sale section of the shop, use the code BYEBRICK to save 30% off.


112 South Main Street / Water Valley / 38965 

- Image above by London, UK based artist Sam Hennig

The Shop In 2018 And Beyond

Happy New Year everyone! I've always seen New Years as a time to start fresh, lay out your vision for the year ahead, and your time to really take care of you moving forward. With that, I have some big news...

As a shop owner this past year has been a year of transition for me. I moved everything to Water Valley, the town that I live in, and out of Oxford, the town that made me a shop owner. I have learned so much in the eight and a half years that I’ve been open and I’ve made an endless amount of friends from around the world that I respect on so many levels. The handmade movement is something that I couldn’t imagine not being a part of. I have also found my voice as a writer in this time. A voice I’ve been searching for, for many, many years.

It’s that writing that brings me to this post… So many doors have opened since I started Amelia, including currently writing monthly for four different blogs and one magazine, working as a guest contributor for several other publications, as well as extensive work as a **self-taught (see disclaimer below) interior designer and a design and business consultant. I have written my first book, How To Make It, and I sold my second book, which I'm working on now. I currently have regular photography clients and am starting to show my work again in galleries, something that I put on hold to run the shop full time. 

- My in home office, where I do most of my writing, photo editing, and compile the vision for interior design work. 

As I grow in this new role as a freelancer, it’s become clear to me that I can’t juggle it all. I have to make a choice. I have loved being the shop you could turn to when you needed that something special. I’ve loved helping with so many different occasions and events in your lives, like dressing new babies, picking out the perfect card for your loved ones, or sending you on your way before a big trip.

The time that has come that I close my brick and mortar. I will still have the online store, but the shop and gallery will close at the end of March. I will also still do pop-ups from time to time in Oxford and various other towns and cities, where you can shop a very curated selection of goods. Moving forward, I will be working with the artists that I stock to create very exclusive pieces for the online store, with only a few new collections a year. This will include the same type of work you've come to expect from Amelia, but completely exclusive to my shop. 

Thank you to everyone that made the drive out to the new space, supported the artists in the gallery and shopped with me over the years in Oxford. It’s been the best eight and a half  years of my life. And to the 400+ artists that have trusted me over the years to tell their story, share their work, and be an active cheerleader for them, please know that I have loved stocking my shelves with your brands and talent.

Between now and March, I will be selling fixtures and shop supplies, vintage goods, and the shop stock, at a reduced price. So check Instagram stories, Facebook and/or stop in, for deals… lots of great items will be for sale, starting Saturday, February 3rd. I won’t be listing the bigger items in the online store- just through social media and in person. Many items will be for pick up only, like the furniture, so please take note. As for the vintage goods, I’ll have some Haywood Wakefield, Eames, mid-century modern goods, vintage typewriters, and so much more…

If you own a shop or are thinking of opening one, I’d love to come and help consult with you on running a small business or even help you with the buying. There are endless lines that I have stock piled away in secret Pinterest boards, that I was never able to work with due to the lack of space. I’d love to help you find those brands that help you stand out from the rest. I’m also available to consult on your social media, business plan, etc… Don’t be afraid to reach out. It’s part of my new job, to help you with those things.

Before the shop closes, I’ll have another show opening on February 3rd, that will run until the shop closes. Help us go out with a bang! That opening will also ring in the deals.

I’m sorry I can’t do the day to day of having a brick and mortar anymore. Thank you for your business all these years! I hope you will still follow along on Instagram, sign my mailing list, and follow here, to see what comes next. I'll be using this blog to talk more about artists I love, designs that I can't get out of my head, brands you might like to know about and more. 


In gratitude for each of you,

Erin Austen Abbott

*Two different businesses have asked me about renting my current space, but in case that falls through…. If anyone is interested in renting a great space, on Main St. in Water Valley, it’s zoned commercial or residential. Please get in touch and I’ll connect you with perhaps the best landlord ever. This space would be great as a gallery, office, home, studio spaces, a small restaurant…. the ideas could go on and on. I’d even be happy to sit down with someone and come up with plan for the space. I’d like to see it change over to some good hands.

**I am not claiming to be a licensed interior designer. All clients know that I'm self taught and hiring me is purely from the stand point of liking the designs they have seen. I'm not claiming otherwise and that is to be understood when I say I'm working as an interior designer. 





Heading to Water Valley...

I want to thank all of you for the almost eight years of shopping at Amelia, in Oxford, on a regular basis. It's been wonderful to have the tiny shop in The Lyric Theatre. I've loved what I've been able to do with only 187 square feet. But as online sales continue to grow more and more each day and I have ideas for expanding, it's time to move...

I have lived in Water Valley for over twelve years and with my son starting kindergarten there in a few months, expanding in Water Valley made the most sense for my family and me. I do hope you will visit out there, enjoy one of the classes I'll be hosting or teaching, or attend one of the art openings in the new Living Room gallery, that is a part of my new space. 

The new Amelia is in a little brick house, on Main Street, directly next door to Yalobusha Brewery. The paint is drying on the new sign as we speak, so you can't miss it.

112 South Main St. Water Valley, MS 38965

As a fun addition to the website, I'll also be offering delivery service to Oxford, Batesville, Taylor and Grenada. Just mark in-store pick-up and leave the for delivery address in the notes. 

We have our next opening this Friday, May 12th, with Oxford artist Jonathan Kent Adams, from 6-9pm. 

And there are still spots open for the kids art classes, the first two weeks of June. 

As a thank you to my customers, I'm offering 50% off online and in the Oxford location, for this last week with the code WATERVALLEY. Perfect for graduation, teacher and Mother's Day gifts. 

***This does not include already marked down sale items, my book How To Make It, any classes or the Curated Quilt Collection. Thank you.

The Oxford shop will be open:

Sunday 10- 2

Wednesday -  Friday 9-2

Saturday 10-5

See you in the Valley (it's only 20 minutes from Oxford)!!  

Working with Article for The Living Room Gallery

A little bit about the design process behind The Living Room Gallery…

When I made my plan to open up The Living Room Gallery, I knew that I wanted to have one beautiful sofa at the center of the room, with the art revolving around that one piece of furniture. The idea is that as the art changes, the sofa will stay the same and the room itself will become part installation. I will change out light fixtures, rugs, books, coffee tables, etc… Moving the room to work with the art, but always keeping the sofa.

As I searched and searched, nothing seemed to be the right fit, for this one special piece to give me the ability to do with the space what I envisioned, until I found Article. Based in Canada, Article takes pride in the quality they are putting forward while sticking true to the Mid-Century and Scandinavian inspired design of each piece they make. They are able to keep the costs low for the customer because they have cut out showrooms and wholesalers. They are a direct to consumer company, which means more Article pieces can be had for a fraction of the price. Along with lower costs, they offer a flat, $49 shipping price to the US and Canada. Flat rate read that correctly. 

For the first show in the gallery, with artist Glennray Tutor, I knew exactly which rugs I would use in front of my Article sofa. I had to keep in mind that a lot of people would be walking through the space each week, so I selected two smaller rugs and positioned them as one long rug. The art behind the couch was the perfect piece to hang above the Sven Sofa in Pacific Blue, with corresponding tones and colors.

Stop in and try it out for yourself, because while the Sven sofa is pretty, it’s also so comfortable. Wait until you see what I have planned for the next opening, on May 12th…