Working with Article for The Living Room Gallery

A little bit about the design process behind The Living Room Gallery…

When I made my plan to open up The Living Room Gallery, I knew that I wanted to have one beautiful sofa at the center of the room, with the art revolving around that one piece of furniture. The idea is that as the art changes, the sofa will stay the same and the room itself will become part installation. I will change out light fixtures, rugs, books, coffee tables, etc… Moving the room to work with the art, but always keeping the sofa.

As I searched and searched, nothing seemed to be the right fit, for this one special piece to give me the ability to do with the space what I envisioned, until I found Article. Based in Canada, Article takes pride in the quality they are putting forward while sticking true to the Mid-Century and Scandinavian inspired design of each piece they make. They are able to keep the costs low for the customer because they have cut out showrooms and wholesalers. They are a direct to consumer company, which means more Article pieces can be had for a fraction of the price. Along with lower costs, they offer a flat, $49 shipping price to the US and Canada. Flat rate read that correctly. 

For the first show in the gallery, with artist Glennray Tutor, I knew exactly which rugs I would use in front of my Article sofa. I had to keep in mind that a lot of people would be walking through the space each week, so I selected two smaller rugs and positioned them as one long rug. The art behind the couch was the perfect piece to hang above the Sven Sofa in Pacific Blue, with corresponding tones and colors.

Stop in and try it out for yourself, because while the Sven sofa is pretty, it’s also so comfortable. Wait until you see what I have planned for the next opening, on May 12th… 


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  • Melissa Mortensen says...

    On August 03, 2017

    Hi! Found your blog on a search trying to see what the Sven sofa looks like in real life. Does the Pacific blue look the same in real life as in your picture? Because on their website the Pacific blue looks more teal, but on your blog it looks more of a pale navy blue . I love the sofa, btw! (Obviously! Since I’m just trying to decide between all the gorgeous colors!)

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