Meet the Artists: Those Off The Grid

One of the interesting things about curating the Motel Art Show series is that not all artists have a social media presence or even planned on ever showing their art. Such is the case for four of the artists in this year's show. 

Pati D'Amico, Bill Warren, Nicci Hinkley, and Thomas Grosskopf are all very talented artists without a social media presence. 

Pati and Bill got their start as working artists while living in Rhode Island many years ago. They are based in Water Valley, by way of New Orleans. From painting to sculpting to collage art, each time they show it's always a bit different from the time previous. 

Nicci Hinkley has never shown before. Her work focuses mainly on colored pencil drawings centered around her time working at Ajax Diner on the Oxford Square. 

Thomas Grosskopf is a seasoned painter, with his work centered around something you would find in a science fiction comic book. Think aliens taking over the courthouse on the Oxford Square. 

You'll just have to come see for yourself, the beauty that is the work of these off the grid artists. - Erin 

*The show is this Saturday, October 26th, from 5-9 pm at The Ole Miss Motel in Oxford, MS. 


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