Meet the Artist: Hollie Chastain

When I started the One Night Stand at The Ole Miss Motel it was all local artists. Ones that didn't have as many opportunities to show their work. That went on for the first few years, but I really had the hope of inviting out-of-town artists here too, ones that otherwise would not have shown in Oxford or even Mississippi. I wanted people to see the type of art scene that we as a community as capable of supporting and what we've created here. 

This year's Motel Show will have artists from as far away as Seattle, WA. Nine from out-of-town in total, with several local artists, also showing. 

One of those from another state is Hollie Chastain, a mixed media artist from Chattanooga, TN. You can get an idea of her work below or visit her website

Learn more about the Motel Art Show here. Come meet Hollie and all the artists on October 26th at the Ole Miss Motel. - Erin 










               * All images first appeared on Hollie's website and Instagram


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