$ 375.00

Once a month, a new quilt will be listed by internationally known quilter, Coulter Fussell. Her work has been featured in various galleries around New York City and she's been featured in The New York Times, Design Sponge, and Design Milk, to name a few.  

She's also part of famed Piecework Collective. From their site, "Coulter absorbed the process of quilting from an early age by watching her mother, Cathy Fussell, a master quilter. There is not a time in her life that Coulter didn't know the process of quilt-making but it wasn't until early college that Coulter made her first quilt. It was a collaboration with her mother. Cathy, knowing her daughter wasn't one for measuring or anything precision oriented, encouraged Coulter to piece with freedom and abandon while still paying attention to the order of operations and functionality. This is the shaky line Coulter still walks in her quilt-making process. One always pulls the other in her work and the balance is important to her."

Each quilt is stitched by hand and are one of a kind. These are heirloom, museum quality pieces, meant to be hung as art. They can be used on the bed or over a sofa, but not machine washable. 

Each quilt comes hand numbered and with a letter of exclusivity. 

Shipping is included in each price. 

If you choose to pay in four installments, you will be invoiced three additional times, until quilt is paid in full. The first installment will be paid at checkout. 

The April/May quilt is made of:

- 8.5' x 4.5'

- Made of an old pleated curtain backing that stained in the window leaving behind patterned stripes

- A pink and white plaid blanket found inside another quilt

- Fluorescent pink chiffon

- A piece of a red patterned wool blanket found in a junk store in Opelika, Alabama

- 1950s tea cup patterned kitchen curtain

- 1930s pink striped feather pillow casing

- Tiny tea bag with handwritten numbers on it

- 1980s floral bedsheet

- 100's Japanese silk embroidery thread

- Lavender rayon