Art is a major part of my life. Making it. Curating it. Supporting it.  

I studied photography at the Museum School of Fine Arts in Boston, MA and at the Photographic Center Northwest in Seattle, WA. I've also had gallery shows in Tampa, Seattle, Boston, Memphis, Los Angeles, Oxford, MS, Basel, Switzerland, Milan, Italy, Berlin, Germany and Water Valley, MS in the years 1998- 2012 as well as having my work studied in the art curriculum at The University of Milan in Milan, Italy.  I've been lucky enough to have work published in Esquire, Teen Vogue, Alternative Press, LA Times, Uppercase, and in Southern Spaces, an online journal for Emory University Press, to name a few... 

Surrounded by different artists my whole life, it’s very much become a part of who I am. While the crafting and design world is an extension of that, art is still so important to me. Art is current and all around us. I think letting yourself be exposed to art helps in having an open mind to everyone around you. In 2007, I started an art show series called The One Night Stand at The Ole Miss Motel.  The show is going strong and has slowly branched out to other cities, such as Los Angeles in 2008. The goal of the show is to allow up and coming artists a chance to show their work. A motel room becomes that setting and their own curated gallery for the evening, a one night stand if you will.

This is an invitation only show. While I don't take submissions, if you think I need to see your work, please email erinaustenabbott.studios@gmail with the subject "MASS". Make sure to include links to work so that I can see what you are creating. 

The Oxford show is always at

The Ole Miss Motel

1517 University Ave.

Oxford, MS