Meet the Artist: Nadia Alexis

Nadia Alexis is a poet, photographer, educator, and organizer who was born in Harlem, New York City to Haitian immigrants. Her poetry and personal essay writing have been published in The American Poetry Journal, Kweli Journal, On She Goes, Texas Review, Tinderbox Poetry Journal and elsewhere. Her photography has been published in fields magazine, TORCH Journal, and the MFON: Women Photographers of the African Diaspora anthology. In 2019, she was named the recipient of honorable mention prize in poetry for the Hurston/Wright Foundation’s Award for College Writers. She has received poetry and visual art fellowships from the Callaloo Creative Writing Workshop, The Watering Hole, and The Carr Center Independent Scholars Fellowship program. Her photographs have been exhibited in the U.S. and internationally. She is currently a creative writing doctoral student at the University of Mississippi where she also earned her MFA. - shared from Nadia's website

With a bio like that, I feel so lucky that she will be showing her photos for us- Erin 

Meet the Artist: Zet Gold

Welcome to the introduction of another Motel Art Show artist, showing next Saturday, October 26th at The 13th annual One Night Stand at The Ole Miss Motel. 

Zet Gold a painter based in Des Monies, IA. You can follow her work and process here. See you at the show! - Erin 




Meet the Artist: Michael Doyle

I spend a lot of time looking through art on blogs, Instagram, art magazines, etc... Looking for artists to invite to the Motel Art Show each year. And each year I look for artists of different mediums, ones that have a certain pull on the senses, and ones that jump out to me instantly. 

Artist Michael Doyle caught my eye some time ago, via Instagram. He is a painter based in Seattle, WA. Each piece of his work has a playful, almost Wes Anderson quality to it. He's part of the duo behind Apartment On Belmont. Jump below to see some of my favorites and be sure to catch his room later this month for the One Night Stand at The Ole Miss Motel. - Erin 






Meet the Artists: Emily Wallace

What would the Motel Art Show be without the support of the Southern Foodways Alliance? Each year the art show coincides with their annual symposium, so it's only fitting to include one of the most fun illustrators of food, Emily Wallace. She's done a lot of work for the SFA as well. 

Coming to Oxford from Durham, North Carolina she will certainly have her illustrations, but also ready to talk about her new book, Road Sides

Jump below to get a preview of her work or visit her website to learn more about Emily before the Motel Show on Oct. 26th. - Erin 



Meet the Artist: Hollie Chastain

When I started the One Night Stand at The Ole Miss Motel it was all local artists. Ones that didn't have as many opportunities to show their work. That went on for the first few years, but I really had the hope of inviting out-of-town artists here too, ones that otherwise would not have shown in Oxford or even Mississippi. I wanted people to see the type of art scene that we as a community as capable of supporting and what we've created here. 

This year's Motel Show will have artists from as far away as Seattle, WA. Nine from out-of-town in total, with several local artists, also showing. 

One of those from another state is Hollie Chastain, a mixed media artist from Chattanooga, TN. You can get an idea of her work below or visit her website

Learn more about the Motel Art Show here. Come meet Hollie and all the artists on October 26th at the Ole Miss Motel. - Erin 










               * All images first appeared on Hollie's website and Instagram