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In January, I'm opening an art gallery and another Amelia location, in Water Valley, Mississippi. With this will come a space that I can host classes and workshops. If you are interested in teaching a class (one day - four week sessions available), I'm now taking submissions. There are limited spaces available, so please share with someone that you think would be interested or reach out to me. If you have more questions about this, please email me, **SUBJECT: Teaching a class**

For submission emails:
Please tell me the type of class and student number you would like to teach. Also, include an outline for each class you are submitting for. Example, if you have two subjects that you'd like to teach, please submit an outline for each subject. If you have four class sessions that you'd like to teach through out the year, on one subject, please include the dates that you'd like to teach each session.

Classes can be one day, two weeks (one class a week) or four weeks (one class a week) only.

You will be paid for the classes that you teach, with a small rental fee going to the gallery. You will be responsible for getting the supplies for your class, but that will be worked into the price that you charge for your class.

I'd love to see a range of submissions from painting to flower arranging to zine making to cooking to photo styling... and anything in between. I will be hosting some photography classes, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't submit your own photography classes as well. I'd love a great variety.

I'll be taking submissions for 2017 until Jan. 15th, 2017.
Please share this post or tag any friends that you think might be interested. You don't have to be local to teach a class either. I'd love to see folks from all over come and teach. We can provide short term housing if you are from out-of-town.


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