Keeping Clean With Lemi Shine

Now that we are hosting more and more parties and offering more classes than ever at the shop, I'm always on the hunt for natural cleaning products that also work really well. Especially as we head into the holidays, I need something that works not only well but also fast. I found it!! My new go-to is Lemi Shine. Besides smelling good, it doesn't leave a chemical residue like some products do. I'm a bit of a clean freak, so this is my new shop and home cleaner for sure. 

As a shop owner, the holidays are the time of year that I don't have time to spend cleaning for hours on end, but also a time that I end up hosting more gatherings at my house. I'd rather be able to move through cleaning quickly and efficiently, so more celebrating with friends can be had. We have two dogs, two cats, and a child... so much to clean up after! But Lemi Shine makes cleaning quick. I've used some natural products and you have to go back over what you just cleaned, because they don't work as well. I didn't have to do that with Lemi Shine Everyday Cleaner nor with the Glass and Surface Cleaner. It was quick and easy, so I have more time to enjoy my clean home and times with friends in it.  I also now use the Washing Machine Cleaner once a month... a much needed cleaning product, that's for sure. I can clean the machine before all my washable linen table clothes and cloth napkins, so everything will be extra clean in a snap, for guests, all season long.

My tips for a five minute clean, this holiday season... I started stashing the Glass and Surface Cleaner behind my bathroom sink, so it's on hand for a daily clean and then I keep the Everyday Cleaner in the kitchen, for a daily wipe down of the counters. By not letting the cleaning stack up, it makes the daily five minute job feel like a breeze. Once a month, use the Washing Machine Cleaner.

Leading up to your holiday parties, figure out all the serving platters and such, that you will be using. Three days ahead, run the dishwasher using the Dishwasher Booster for all serving platters, wine glasses and silverware. Two days before, go ahead and set the table, or put out the bowls and platters that you might be using. My grandmother used to put a note for what goes in which bowl, on the table. I picked up this habit and it makes things feel less frazzled when getting your home ready for guests. One day before, make any dishes that you can make ahead of time and prepare the bar. On the day of the party, cook a little, but mostly enjoy your clean home and the company of your guests. 

Have you tried Lemi Shine? Here are some coupons, if you want to give them a try. Let me know what you think. Happy cleaning and happy holidays! - Erin 

*This post is in partnership with Lemi Shine. While I was compensated for my review, all thoughts about the products are my own. Thank you! 


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