Very big, but not sad, news....

Back in 2009, when I opened Amelia, I had no idea what it would grow to be. I've carried over 400 different artists since I opened, mailed online orders to over 20 countries and all 50 states. I've been featured on over 100 blogs, 20+ printed articles, featured in four different books, wrote my own book and more... It's been absolutely amazing. With that growth, I am afraid that I've outgrown my current Oxford location. I have been known as the tiny shop (187 square feet) for almost eight years and I've loved it. The space, in the NE corner of the Lyric building, has defined so much about how I run my business, how I think of space and given me a new way to look at merchandising the shop. 

With all of that growth, I have expanded to where I live, Water Valley, to open another Amelia combined with an art gallery.  In June, I will be moving my shop to my Water Valley space full time. I encourage you to come out and visit, see what all the fuss is about. The online store will be business as usual and I am more than happy to deliver your order to Oxford for you. If anything, I think this move with give me a way to give you a BETTER Amelia. A better offering of the handmade goods that you'd come to love. I have so many ideas for the continued growth of Amelia and I do hope you will continue the support that you've shown me all these years. 

I will be able to offer more classes, being in the new spot full time. I will offer more interior design and small business consultations, work on bringing you more Amelia curated collections, with a focus on unique and original design. Along with the Living Room Gallery, that will bring you original art shows all year long, this is nothing but a good thing. 

And one of the big factors, yet personal, is that my son will be starting kindergarten next year. I want to be closer to where he is in school, so I can be there when he gets out of school each day. 

I can't thank the Oxford community enough, but I hope you see this move as a good thing and a way to bring you a better and a bigger Amelia. You have shown so much support and so much love over the years, that I hope you will follow me to Water Valley. The Valley is growing to be an extension of Oxford and this move is just an extension of the Amelia that you love. The last day for the Oxford shop will be May 14th. 

We will be in Water Valley full time, starting in June,

at 112 Main St. Water Valley, MS 38965. 

Starting in the summer, the hours will be 

Monday - Wednesday - by appointment 9 - 5

Thursday - 10 - 4

Friday 10 - 7 

Saturday 10 - 2 / by appointment  2 - 5

The online store will be open as always and I already have some great pop up shops planned at The Graduate Hotel in both Fall and next Spring. Would you like to see Amelia pop up in your home, for private shopping parties or team up in your shop for a day? Please reach out. This new expansion will give us the change to travel and bring Amelia to you.

To my dear customers, friends, and supporters, 

Thank you,  

Erin Austen Abbott


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  • Martha McIntosh says...

    On March 29, 2017


  • Lauren Nail Swindol says...

    On March 28, 2017

    Congratulations! It’s going to be a fantastic change!

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