Cover Art

Last year, I was contacted by one of my all favorite bloggers, City Sage, about being in her upcoming book for Chronicle Books. I didn't even need to know details, the answer was yes, yes, yes! Upon further conversation, it became even more exciting because she wanted to feature my son's room in the book. This is a room I worked harder on than any other room in my home so that I could make it the most inviting and special for this little person that I hadn't even met yet. Its proved to be where we send the most time and a place that Tom Otis simply loves and asks to go to often, to play. While the book isn't out yet, I can finally talk about it... a secret I've been keeping for awhile and also show you the cover! I'm so proud of my friend Anne, for writing what I know will beautiful to read and gather inspiration from.


Photo via instagram

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