The National Stationery Show

Every year, I attend the National Stationery Show in NYC. It's the only gift type show I attend, as of now, and I love it! I have the best time connecting with all the people behind the lines I carry, face to face, meeting so many new people and getting to be surrounded by my favorite thing, paper. 

Leading up to the show, I start to get stacks of mailers, which pretty much make me feel really important for at least a couple of weeks. I pour over each and every one of them, making notes of which row to make sure to not miss, which booth I have to see. I visit websites and make mental notes of how things will look on my shelves. I really take it all in. 

Well, sadly, I won't be attending the show this year. That doesn't mean I won't be making all the same notes as listed above, about each mailer I receive. I will still be looking through everything, as I do every year. Just please understand when I don't come to your booth to place an order. It's not personal. I'm just not there. 

The reason I'm not attending is because my husband, who is a musician, was offered a really great tour, around the same time. He's taken care of our son every year for us, so that I can attend the show. Well, I feel it's his turn to not miss out and we all know I can't bring my son to the show and expect to get anything done. While he would love it, he would only love it for about an hour or two. 

So please don't forget about my shop since I won't be there this year. Please know that I still want to see all your new products and still get your line sheets. I will still be placing orders... it will just be from my office instead of from the Javits. I think it means that I will make better buying decisions as well. I usually get a bit carried away.... easy to do when faced with so many amazing products. 

Have a great show and I look forward to returning next year!! 


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